Eyelash glue Super Hard 502, when you put the false eyelashes, stick to false eyelashes is sticks and "quite right" in the eyelid, does not have a deviated worry. So quickly can be fixed, easy-to-use for the busy morning and us again, ideal for beginners. In super strong adhesive, and keep one day the false eyelashes.

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D.U.P Eyelashes has collaborated with one of the popular Japanese model, Aiku Maikawa for the DUP’s Model’s Selection range! Eyelashes for every mood and event, with the volume and length added. With the different styles to choose from to set certain mood, there is nothing more provocative when you give that someone that special look with the wide range of stunning D.U.P Eyelashes, currently the number 1 best-selling brand in Japan.

Eyelashes Glue Clear Type

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