Kembalikan keindahan dan kelembutan kulit Anda dengan menggunakan Gentle Exfoliating Shower Gel Violet Sugar. Diperkaya dengan gula dan ekstrak violet yang alami dan menawarkan berbagai kbaikan untuk kulit, serta dikemas dengan aroma yang menyegarkan. 

Basahi tubuh dan tuangkan secukupnya pada telapak tangan dan gosok hingga berbusa. Gunakan shower puff agar kulit bersih menyeluruh. 

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Cottage is a brand of the Panther Group, a medium-sized company implanted in the Gironde region.

It promises to let you enjoy the delights of nature while tending to your body, with a broad range of hygiene and personal care products.

Searching for a perfect balance between care and pleasure, Cottage offers a peerless sensorial experience through very high-quality formulas and incredibly creamy textures that are systematically enriched with natural extracts and moisturizing agents. And what about fragrance? Cottage offers delightfully scented treasures that are authentic and bold. They faithfully reproduce the flavors of nature for unequaled pleasure.

With an inimitable bottle that stands out from all the others, in 1,001 colors or limpidly transparent, Cottage invites you to discover the mildness of a nature that stimulates your senses, a timeless paradise for the entire family.

Gentle Exfoliating Shower Gel Violet Sugar 250ml

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